Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Abe and Andrea took some family photos for us. They are getting pretty good at this picture thing. First Bryce and Nadia's wedding photos, and now family shots. Pretty impresive. anyway here are some of our favorites.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We got to see lindsay and jake and ther little boy parley, wile we were down in utah for bryces wedding. it was a lot of fun catching up with old freinds.

so it has been a while since we have blogged at teh hanes house. i tried to sum up the summer. we has so much fun this summer. we got to spend time with all are family (which was the best part). but when we were home we spent a lot of time at the park and the beach. it was a pretty nice summer. sadley jake worked a lot so his is missing from most of the pictures but we still love him. our summer is ending now, however the fall has been great. we have had sunny skies in the 60's all of october. our park day are not over yet we still go almost every day. anyway we are having lots of fun here in idaho.

Jodi got paige this cute outfit with the tutu. I love it. Very girlie. This is what paige does when she get to the end of the slide, the drop off at the end of the twirly slide is big so she gets up and hold her hands up and grunts, waiting for someone to come get her down.

nolan is the train conductor and Andrea is his side kick

nolan and bently riding the train at the pumpkin patch

Paige's first ice cream cone. she is goingt o town, she loved being able to hold the cone herself.

we went to visit jakes parents in august for a week. it was so fun, almost all the cousins were there. hannah came up from california with her kids, jen and mike were there and Kristy came down from olympia for most of the week. jodi's family sadley was coming a few weeks later and we couldn't go then cuz jake would be back in school. but it was so fun, we rode horses, when to the zoo, shopped and just enjoyed being together.

hannah and miles riding the horse. only 8 months old and already a cowboy!

both these pics are me and paige on the horses. Kristy's friend has horses and she let us all ride them paige liked it as long as i rode with her. it was fun to see all the kids take thier turn. all the kids loved it.

our cute little nieces in pink. look at those cute big smiles!

me and paige were catching our breath in the little shade we could find, hiking smith rock at the smith family reunion in bend. i did not take many pictures i think this event was the only one. this reuinion was packed with fun family events. we went to the lake one day,wnet to the caves, hiked, golfed, rode bikes and got together with the cousins every night for desser and activities. it was fun cuz the whole family is getting so big and we hardley get to see everyone.

My mom and Megan at the top of smith rock. Smith rock is a ver short very steep hike. like a mile and a half horizontally(strait up). mom did it with me and the whole time she kept asking if she could help carry paige, even though she wasn't shure she would make it up herself. what a good grandma. luchily we all made it to the top and no one died.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

NAtalie came to stay with me and drea this summer for a week. it was really fun, paige and nolan especially loved having thier young hip aunt around.
i love this picture of nolan. he fell asleep on the beach at wolf creek idaho. the funniest thing was the beach wasn't even flat it was a huge hill. what a cute kid! he kinda looks arabian, andrea was trying to mask the sun

this july we went to bryce and nadia's wedding. it was beautiful and they looked so happy!

Andrea made the cakes, they were beautiful and delicious

it was nice to have Nat around, Paige loves her

me and paige at Bryce and Nadia's Wedding it was

so fun, we went down to ogden and got to see the whole family. it seems like the older we get the less that happens.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paige's First Birthday

Paige is not our baby anymore, she wants to be one of the big kids. The Backstien kids pushed and pulled her on her new toy, she thought it was the coolest thing in the world!

Oh, i get it, DO you want some?

What do I do with it?

Patiently waiting, Where is my cake?

She's taming the lion!

We tried to get her to pet the goats, she really like to look but she did not want to touch!

So on Paige's first birthday we took her to the Zoo! It was fun, and hot. The only thing we could put her and Savanah on to take a picture was this hay because everything else was in the sun and it was burning hot. What cute cousins.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am trying to learn how to crochet but someone keeps getting into my yarn.
Jake is already trying to teach Paige how to fish.

Paige's favorite Easter present we the bubbles.

The cousin crew at the falls!

Todd had this little rocking chair, just Paiges size.

We dressed the babies to match(Nolan and Paige) and Laurel dressed to match them also. wich worked out because we couldn't get them to hold still long enough to take a picture unless she was holding them.

We went to Julies house last weekend in Twin Falls for Easter. it was really fun! these are the falls and these are the girls in stripes.